In-Ground Spas vs. Portable Spas

Find Out Which One Suits Your Needs

After your first spa experience, whether from a friend’s place or from a hotel, one thing is certain, you were craving to have your own at home. As a newbie to matters of spas, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the choices you will be required to make, the most important among them being the type of spa to choose. The following reviews on pros and cons of portable and in-ground spas will help you make an informed decision concerning the type of spa convenient for you.

Portable spas

These spas, also referred to as self-contained spas have established themselves in the spa industry due to one simple reason: quick fix and dive in.


  • Easier portability, just as their name suggests. They can be used either indoors or outdoors since most are inflatable. This also makes them suitable for outdoor events and vacations as they are easier to carry around in their bags.
  • They are pumped by either one or two pumps boasting of huge horsepower. They can be wired by an average house wall poweroutlet of 110 to 220 volts.
  • They are easier to fix and does not require a lot of manual work to set up. Cases of leaks can be easily plumbed to get the tub back to its working condition.
  • They are fixed with numerous water jets to offer a pinpoint massage experience.
  • They are cheaper and come with a complete package that includes jets, whirls, spins move up and down and other pulsates.
  • They consume less space and can be wrapped up in bags for storage when not in use.
  • All component parts including filter, pump, and heaters come along with the spa as a complete package purchase.


  • Most lack a personal touch, in that it, is quite difficult to find one with custom aesthetic appeals that one is after.
  • They have a higher repair history as compared to the in-ground tubs.

In-ground spas

These are the earliest and were the only choice before the portable ventured in. In-ground spas are composed of several separate components including filters, pumps, and heaters. This is a con as compared to the portable spas which come as a complete single package.


  • The spas are usually installed out of sight and their performance is usually good.
  • In-ground spas offer a much more personal touch in terms of aesthetics as the jet amount and their placement as well as the physical finish are as per customer requests.
  • Their performance improves with the strength of the horse power.
  • They are usually silent and produce much less noise as the equipment is usually hidden out of sight.



  • These types of spas are generally much more expensive as the cost of an installation is more as the cost of a complete portable spa.
  • The spa installation has more cosmetic appeal considerations, making the installation process much difficult and time consuming as compared to the portable ones.
  • Well, this is more common sense but is worth mentioning. These spas are not portable hence you cannot take them with you to a friend’s party or vacation.
  • Since they are stationery or permanent, once installed, they cannot be wrapped for storage. Their space consumption is therefore absolute.
  • They can be heated with a gas heater, but usually require more energy to raise the temperatures of the water to a similar degree as the portable tubs.

With the ever rising costs of vacations and holiday getaways, many have resorted to turning their backyards to their vacation grounds through installation of spas. But as the question of how long one is willing to continue staying in the same house arises, many turn their heads to blow up spas. This is because they do not require a heavy finance to set up and are most convenient especially if you are willing to move out in the near future.