How To Set Up An inflatable Spa

How to Set Up an Inflatable Spa

By the time you are approaching the point of seeking info on how you can set up your inflatable spa, it is certain that you have acknowledged the pros that these tubs have over their in-ground counterparts. The process of installing an inflatable spa is quite simple with the help of the owner manual guide, and that is probably the reason why most people are turning to these types of spas. The installation process does not cost you a penny either and the extent of ease makes it more of a DIY process that anyone can do. Some inflatable spas come with a video manual on how to install them as part of the package, but the general installation process is much straightforward for all types of spas.

Here are a simple step by step guidelines to successfully setting up your newly purchased inflatable spa.


Select a position

Always select a position that is close enough to a socket power outlet and convenient for relaxation. The spot for your spa should also be spacious enough to allow for maneuvering and also maintenance. It should also be at least 10ft away from the nearest overhead power line for safety purposes. Your backyard is probably a good choice if it suits your preferences. The position should be selected carefully because once your inflatable spa is filled with water, you’ll have to empty it to make shifts, a process that you will probably not have time for.

Prepare the site

Site preparation basically entails clearing out bushes and leveling if need be. Spas when filled with water can weigh up to 1.3 tons hence a firm foundation is a requirement.

Read your inflatable spa manual

This should always be your first step to installation. Probably you don’t like reading the instructions but going through the manual will help you understand certain specifics of your inflatable spa manufacturer requirements. It is also the easiest way to achieving your goal without having to involve experts who may require a penny for their services.

Prepare a power route

The site you selected for your inflatable spas should be close to a power outlet.  Preparation of routes for the electrical wires may require city regulations as well. A 250 volts Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is sufficient for any inflatable spa. Multiple pump tubs may sometimes require a 60 amps circuit. If you are not familiar with the wiring involved, it’s better to contact your electrical contractor for assistance.

Assemble the inflatable spa

The process of assembling the spa is much easier as your owner manual guide explains. The assembling process includes hooking up the spa tub to electricity, for that matter you will require a breaker installation to your electrical control box. If the process is not familiar to you, again you should contact your electrician for assistance. After assembling, you should prepare the spa for use. Ensure that all jets and knobs are in position and then clean the spa interior. Open the air valves and fill the tub with water from your garden hose pipe or using buckets. This should be done with the electricity supply off. Once filled, turn on the power and heat the water. Mix the appropriate chemicals to ensure the water is sanitized.

Enjoy your brand new inflatable spa

Once the water is heated to an appropriate temperature, around 1000F, you are free to get your first experience of your own inflatable tub.