Top 5 Must Have Inflatable Products

For the water luxury enthusiasts, there are plenty of inflatable products to choose from. If you are in the first phase of searching for inflatables, the diverse line of unique commercial grade inflatable products will certainly get you something that is within your budget, built with tough high quality materials to meet the industrial standards.

Perhaps you are wondering about the types of inflatable products that you need to have for your summer fun experience. Some of these products include bouncers, water slides, interactive inflatable games, inflatable spas, inflatable loungers, combo units among several others. There are plenty of manufacturers of these products flooding the markets, hence finding a reputable manufacturer brand that offers durability, convenience as well as price comfort can be daunting. For that matter, the process has been simplified for you through the following top 5 inflatable products that you need to have for your spa or pool.

Inflatable spas

These inflatable products offer you convenience of mobility and storage while you get to enjoy the summer. Once you have a true experience of an inflatable hot tub, you are trapped, you would want your own. If you are a newbie into inflatable products, you clearly need a bit of knowledge concerning the top brands in the market. Top manufacturer brands include the Intex Pure Spa Deluxe 4 persons, mainly popular for the unwinding spa experiences. Intex also offers other great range of inflatable products which you should give a look while seeking a purchase. Other top inflatable spa brands include Lay-Z-pa Vegas and Lay-Z-Spa Miami.

Inflatable headrests and pillows

As much as you are into seeking summer fun experience, your venture for fun will never be complete without accessories. These include headrests and cup holders for elevated spa fun experience. The headrests are usually made of silicon to provide maximum comfort and durability. They are designed to give the neck an excellent support for relaxation. Cup holders are simply for holding drinks as you enjoy the relaxing waters of your spa. Headrests are usually compatible with a particular inflatable spa, most often the original spa brand. You may need assistance to identify a matching headrest to your inflatable spa. Top brands to consider include Comfort Sets.

Inflatable loungers

Sometimes you just want to relax on your pool as you get that perfect tan from the summer sun. Inflatable loungers makes it possible and one brand that you wouldn’t want to miss on your pool is the Intex inflatable loungers. They are made of quality thick vinyl material to minimize punctures and air leaks at the seams.

 Floating spa bars

While chilling in your inflatable spa, you’ll definitely want to get refreshed with your favorite drinks. Inflatable spa side trays make it even much easier for your enjoyment by holding your drinks, snacks and mobile gadgets such as phones closer to you. Popular manufacturer brands that are recommendable for elevated spa fun experience include the Life Floating Spa Bar trays.

Inflatable pool slides

If you are into some kind of real pool fun experience, then inflatable pool slides are a must have, especially if you are enjoying with your kids. Inflatable slides are built using heavy duty vinyl material to make them more durable. A popular brand that you might want to try out is Intex water slide Play center, measuring 135” by 81” by 50” suitable for ages above 6 years.