Portable Spa Reviews

Top 10 Most Popular Deluxe Spas

Once you experience a hot tub, the natural inclination is to get one for yourself. It’s important to have a rough guide when purchasing a model that best fits your first hot tub experience or is even superior. Check out the following review of the top most popular spas for an informed choice.

1. Nobal 4 Person Inflatable Spa

This model beats all models in terms of size, maintenance, material and warranty, which are the key elements when buying a hot tub. It comes with every standard item you will need for a hot tub with easy maintenance. It is equipped with all the accessories you need which makes water care and maintenance much easier. Purchase of this tub also comes with a manual instruction on set up and complete installation.

Its physical features that make it most preferred across Australia and worldwide include its size of 1.85m and 1.40m expanded on both outside and inside respectively.  It has a height of 0.65m, the height of which together with the inside expansion gives it a total capacity of 800L. The capacity is also equivalent to 211 gallons suitable for accommodating up to 4 persons.  The portable whirlpool is facilitated by 130 bubble jets and 1.8HP air blower. The hot tub is also preferred due to its water temperature retention ability, being able to hold up to 400C, powered by a 13.5W heater. It has an inbuilt pump and self-inflation capability making it easier to inflate when needed for use.

It is made from robust PVC materials which gives it a superior quality and durability. The turbo operation is quiet and comfortable, making the tub suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It also features touch control buttons with LED lights to indicate active controls. Its air blowers are designed to stop for a period of 10 minutes after a 30 minutes usage. It uses a normal wall plug and is sizeable enough for a balcony. Purchases include a 1 year warranty. Nobal 4 Person Inflatable hot tub is a deluxe kind of a tub suitable for a home like none other.

2. Intex 77In PureSpa

This model is designed for four people and features walls made of PVC. It has 120 bubble jets which are powered by a 0.9 HP air blower. The water is heated by a 1.KW power from the water heater with a maximum temperature of up to 350C. Water temperature rises at a rate of 20C every hour. It is an ideal hot tub for use at home.

3. Coleman Lay-Z-Spa

It is designed for six people, easy to set up and has an air blower as a substitute for the pump. It includes a padded ground cloth and an inflatable cover. Though it is rated to hold up to six people, its material does not support that much hence can comfortably hold only four people.

 4. Lifesmart 400DX

This is a solid above ground spa with a capacity of four people. It is equipped with 17 therapy jets and a faux-mahogany surrounding for a touch of class and a hard cover for safety and convenience.

5. M-SPA Super Camaro        

This is an inflatable spa model made from PVC and equipped with 130 bubble jets. It has a capacity of 245 gallons which is equivalent to 4 people space. The water is heated by a 1.3KW powered heater with a maximum attainable temperature of 350C. It is suitable for home use, though can also be used in parties due to its deluxe appearance.

6. Homax

This is a rectangular shaped inflatable hot tab which comes with a thermal cover for insulation. It has a rated capacity of up to six people with 130 jets. It features a user friendly control panel and self inflates after every 30 minutes of use. Water is heated by a 1.35KW powered heater with maximum temperature at 400C.

7. M-SPA Alpine

It has a built in control box fitted with touch buttons for control. It has a capacity of 184 gallons with 105 jets. Water is heated with a 675W powered heater and a 1.9 HP air blower.

8. Homax Plug N Play

It is built from PVC leather with a large capacity of up to 353 gallons making it suitable for up to 8 people. It is fitted with 130 jets with a 1.35KW water heater and 1.8HP air blower. Its maximum water temperature is up to 400C. The large capacity makes it suitable for parties.

9. Therapurespa inflatable tub

It is a versatile kind of spa that can be used on any part of home, either basement, patio or backyard. It is made from PVC material with a capacity of up to four people, an equivalence of 211 gallons and fitted with 130 jets. It easily folds for storage hence does not occupy much space.

10. Aqua Jet Spa Imperial Deluxe Portable tub

It comes with a built in pump with a self-inflation capability after every 30 minutes of use. Its material comprises of waterproof PVC vinyl with a capacity of up to four people. Water is heated by a 1.35KW powered heater and a maximum temperature of up to 400C.  This is a deluxe model suitable for home use and comes with a bag for storage when not in use or for travel.