Must Have Accessories for Portable Hot Tubs

Discover What You Need

When it comes to portable hot tub fun experience, there is more to it than just the tubs. Hot tub

accessories usually account for a greater percentage of an elevated portable hot tub fun

experiences. There are quite a number of options as far as accessories are concerned and

choosing the right one can really make a big difference.

Accessories are designed to help you use the tubs with convenience, saving you time and help

you stay in water for longer periods. The following are some of the must have accessories that

you will find essential for your portable spa.


Hot tub covers are the most essential accessories that all tubs must have. The covers play the role

of protecting water when the tub is not in use. They also serve the purpose of preserving energy

in your tub hence a fabulous way of reducing the water heating costs. Some of the things you

might consider when purchasing your hot tub covers include the shapes of your tub, weight,

material and R-value. You may also check for safety lock covers and UV protection features.


Steps are designed to make it easier to get into your hot tub. Most portable hot tubs are installed

above the ground and the only convenient way to get to them is through climbing. Steps are an

essential hot tub accessories and should be high enough, made of non-slippery materials. Some

steps are also designed as storage containers for storage of the hot tub maintenance equipment

and cleaning supplies.


Hot tub rails are important part of the tub especially when coming out of your tub to prevent

slipping. Not all hot tubs come with rails hence may be bought separately and screwed on the tub

sides. A good choice are those with adjustable heights to fit your height preferences or the height

of your tub.

Cleaning supplies

Hot tub cleaning supplies are not necessarily for convenience, but when missing, the comfort in

your hot tub can be taken away. These accessories help in cleaning tub components such as

filters, covers, pipes and shells. They also include chemicals that destroy growth of algae and

disease causing micro-organisms. They also include chemical test strips to test whether the

chemical supplies are in proper proportions in the tub water.

Hot tub cartridges and filters

Filters play a vital role of keeping micro-organisms and debris away from the tub. Cleaning of the

filters and cartridges should be done on a regular basis, preferably on a monthly basis, or

regularly if the tub is under frequent use. When cleaning, proper drying of the filters should be

done to kill micro-organisms before the filter can be re-installed back. It is also advisable to have

an extra filter in hand when cleaning. Cleaning is essential as the pump does not have to work

extra hard to pump water via a clean filter. Replacement of filters should also be done annually to

ensure a continued fun experience.

Floating spa bar

When relaxing in your portable hot tub, it is certain that you will be having your favorite drinks

and snacks by your side. Floating spa bars make it easier for you to access your drinks and snacks

without strenuous efforts. The spa bar has sizable cup holders and spaces for holding snacks. You

can as well use them to place your phones closer so you don’t have to leave the tub when a call is



Towels are also very essential hot tub accessories that you wouldn’t want to miss by your side.

Towels help you wipe dry the water faster after leaving the tub, or can also be used for privacy

after relaxation.

These are particularly some must have accessories for portable hot tubs, as for the luxurious

accessories, there are music sound systems, pillows, led lights among others.