10 Tips For Buying Hot Tubs in Australia

10 Tips for Buying a Portable Hot Tub

Hot tubs are excellent, luxurious products that most people can’t afford to live without. However, the effort that goes into installing a permanent one is tiresome and space consuming for many, hence the rising popularity of the portable hot tubs in Australia. Finding a tub in Australia, whether in the Gold Coast or Sydney, has been made much easier. If you don’t have one in your home, perhaps you might want to have a look at these ten essential hot tub buying tips.

1. Capacity

It is a norm for many sellers to indicate the capacity of their tubs. Normally, portable tubs are much smaller than permanent ones and most of the former have the capability to accommodate four people. This is not a limitation though, as other larger models are designed to hold a maximum of six or eight people. When considering capacity, think of a tub that best suits your needs.

2. Number of jets

They have varying number of jets, with some having more than others. The choice of tubs based on number of jets is actually more of a personal preference. If one likes strong water turbulence, then four or more jets will serve them well. On the other hand, mild water turbulence preference will best be served with one or two jets. A larger tub capacity relates to a stronger water turbulence while a mild turbulence best suits a small spa capacity.

3. Availability of Covers

Most contemporary designs of portable tubs come with their covers, though some may not be equipped with any. Covers are however more important if it is to be used outdoors as they help keep dirt, pets, kids, leaves and bugs away. The issue of cover is not much of a personal preference but for convenience. When debris land in the water, it can be taxing for the filtration system of the unit hence always have the lid in place.

4. Material

Most inflatable spa baths are made from thick vinyl or a combination of such materials, hence less expensive. Solid units on the other hand are made of permaflex, though they can have blends of other materials incorporated. The solid units are usually equipped with a foam based type of insulation which is important for holding water temperature.

5. Digital features

Some high end models are equipped with digital control features while others are controlled manually. Those with digital control might need a bit of expertise in fixing and making electrical repairs whenever needed. Choice should be made on one that bests suits your preferences.

6. Appearance

This relates to both the interior and exterior design and color. Choosing a tub design and color that best matches the backyard for outdoor tubs is certainly a good choice. For the indoor tubs, selection should be made based on the interior décor.

7. Chemicals used

Different tubs need different chemical types. There are those designed for natural or alternative chemicals. When making a purchase, it is very essential to note the chemical types that must be used, since some filtration systems have different compatibility issues with some chemical types.

8. Energy use

Tubs with thicker insulation tend to use less energy, since the heating functionality does not have to work extra hard. There are new tub models available all over Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of Australia, which are special upgrades that use less energy. These units have special heating systems and pumps which can save users up to 40% of energy bills.

9. Warranty

Warranties are especially important. One should look for tubs with at least one year warranty as this is a guarantee of robustness and durability.

10. Prices

Last but not least, affordability matters most. Purchases should be based on one’s budgets and needs. A buyer should always set a budget limit before shopping for portable spa baths.